Sunday, April 12, 2009

Geocaching Survey!!

1. What is your name? Christy

2. What is your GC name? basebell6

3. What kind of GPSr do you use? Garmin E-Trex

4. What is your favorite feature on your GPSr? It says "Congrats" when you click that you found a cache. Our first 2 GPS's didn't know what caches were.

5. What is your best memory of geocaching? two words: RACCOON LOOP!!

6. What is the furthest from your house you've ever found a cache? Either in Washington State or Oregon.

7. What is the hardest cache you ever found? Suds It was the most difficult. Raccoon Loop was the hardest to do mentally / physically.

8. What is the most amount of caches you've completed in one day? 45.

9. How did you get started in geocaching? One bizzare hobby led to another. I saw a thread on about it and learned that it was FREE (!). I had heard of it before but always thought it was a secret society you couldn't just randomly join. We'd had a GPS for years before we knew we could use it for geocaching!!

10. What is the silliest mistake you've made while geocaching? Just all the times we buckwack for miles then realize the cache was right on a trail. Oh yeah, and the time my batteries died when I was looking for a FTF. I ran to the store to buy some, got back to the cache site, and another guy was signing it. DOH.

11. What memorable animals have you encountered on the trail? This wasn't while geocaching but worth mentioning. We had grizzlies following us while we were in Alaska and still 3 miles from our vehicle. WOW AND SCARY.

12. What is your favorite earthcache? I've only done two and they must not have been memorable b/c I can't even think of what they were. LOL.

14. Who do you usually geocache with? My husband, sister, mom, and GeoPeg.

15. Have you ever logged a find on one of your own caches? No.

16. What is the most consecutive days you've gone caching and had a find? 6.

17. How do you feel about people who "collect" trackable items? I just hate when they keep them for TWO YEARS!! gah.

18. Is it all about the numbers for you? Yes and no at the same time. I mean I hiked 22.2 miles in ONE DAY for one smiley. :) We earn our smileys!!

19. What have you learned since you started geocaching? Being hot is always ALWAYS better than being itchy so WEAR PANTS! And don't drive a mustang if you are going to travel dirt roads.

20. What is the most interesting travel bug or geocoin you have discovered? Toothy Pegs. Yes they were someone's teeth. EWW.

special thanks to mugglesdontscareme for this survey (i stole it from her blog)


Theresa E. said...

1. I am STILL dying to do Racoon Loop. That should be my goal for this summer!
2. If I had a bear following me, (let alone a grizzly) I'd be crapping my pants! lol.
3. You mention you have many bizarre hobbies. What are all of them? I'm curious.
4. That FTF story...that sucks. Haha. Make sure you carry extra batteries with you next time ;)

basebell6 said...

i guess it just depends on one's definition of bizarre!!! while i think it is perfectly normal to spend hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars growing a half-ton pumpkin just to hollow it out and take it out on the lake for a day (pumpkin boat), some think it's bizarre. haha.

Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

45 in one day???????? I think we found 50 IN TOTAL over like two years. You two are dedicated!