Monday, April 25, 2011

First Easter!

Blaine was scared of my sis! LOL!

Easter was fun. Blaine slept right through church while Nick sat out in the van with him. But hey that happens when 10 am is naptime and the service starts at 10:30. ;) I had to play trumpet and that actually went well considering I've only practiced three times since Christmas. And this is how I have to practice now: OUTSIDE with baby on my back. Too loud inside for baby. He enjoys anything in his backpack so my trumpet playing is no different. [yeah that is Flat Stanley, he went on a lot of adventures w/us last week LOL].

The forecast is crappy crappy and more crappy so our pumpkin season is already looking bad. Wanted to start my seeds last week but with a patch full of mud, we must hold off a week or so. No records this year for us! [of the top 5 pumpkins ever grown, all were polinated in June and you need a late April start for that booooo].

And in the Blaine eating news, he's still picky as ever but I caved and am giving him a sippy of formula and mixing a scoop of formula into his oatmeal. He probably has only sipped .25 ounces of the sippy over the last 4 days but hey that is more calories than zero. So I've been throwing a lot of it out, but that is no different than his food. I swear I throw 90% of his food away because he eats like 3 bites and then clamps his mouth shut and cries. I dread meal times nowdays because along with car rides, it is just torture for everyone involved. Before, I always thought "no biggie" if he just clamped his mouth shut and cried, so we would end mealtime and clean up. But now I feel pressure to get him to eat SOMETHING so I just offer up more and more choices and get more and more tears. SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!

The thing is I fully expect us to fail the "weight check" in three weeks [I have a scale at home, I know what is happening and I know he won't gain much in such little time]. So then who knows what will happen. We did find a breastfed babies growth chart and he's actually around the 35th percentile on that one. Yes, he should've gained more weight than 3 oz in three months, but in reality, I don't think he's as malnourished as the 6th percentile on the "regular chart" says. And I agree with Tara, he was sick and that definitely had affected his weight that particular week.


Megan said...

I totally loved Blaine's expression in that first picture! So cute!

I know what you mean about throwing out so much food. My little one doesn't need any extra food (she's a 21 lb 8 month-er) but I feel like we just waste all her food. She eats a few bites and then loses interest. It's quite frustrating.

Hope the weight check goes better than you're thinking.

Claire said...

sorry about your trouble with getting blaine to eat. meredith only gained about 8 oz from 6 to 9 months and her doctor wasn't concerned. we're going back in a couple of weeks just to be sure she doesn't start losing weight. hopefully it'll all be fine. he certainly seem to be thriving!

Kari said...

Eating is frustrating over here too, our 9 month check is tomorrow so I don't know how his weight is looking quite yet. LD is picky and loses interest in food quickly too. And like you I just pack it up and haven't been too worried, but now that your pedi is pressuring you I can understand your feeling the pressure is on. I hope the weight check goes ok.

Abby said...

Happy Easter, Blaine! I love those little socks! Where did you get them?

Elizabeth said...

Blaine looks so cute in his Easter outfit! I know what you mean about food stress- G is doing better but I know it's not anywhere near where he needs to be. We have our weight check Friday.

Janelle said...

Does he like to eat anything? Poor mamma, mealtimes are so often that I'm sure this is causing you a lot of stress!
I'm glad you found a breastfed growth chart. 35% is just fine, considering both you and your husband are small folks! Both my boys were in the single digits on the regular charts, so I was so relieved to check the breastfed charts.
I hope you can find something he enjoys eating. Start with that as a base and "soup it up" with extra add-ins and flavors till his palate expands. Good luck!

peggy said...

I so understand how you are feeling at mealtime. That is just how it is with Ian at every meal time and has been for his whole life. We know Ian needs to gain weight. But we have created meal time stress for Ian with the pressure to get him to eat.
Please relax with Blaine and don't force him to eat. He will become too stressed at meal time the way Ian is and refuse to eat later on.

Blaine is fine and healthy, so please relax.

Maybe if you wake him at night and give him an extra feeding it would put some extra weight on him and you could relax during the day feedings. The doctors had us wake Ian up for feedings for a long time.

Don't be stressed over Blaine's weight he is a healthy baby. Make meals fun not stressed.

basebell6 said...

thanks for all the reassurance everyone!

abby, the socks were gifts from grandma!

peggy, i am absolutely totally not waking him up an extra time at night!! he's usually up at least 4 times at night ;). i know he's healthy, you know he's healthy, so it is just disheartening to try to prove it. i will definitely try not to create stress for him!! maybe it is just a "sitting in high chair" issue since he'd rather be out and about! LOL.

Kara said...

I hate how church always seems to be at naptime!

My baby is a bottomless pits some days and just picks at stuff the other days. She has strong likes and dislikes and I have found she is much more cooperative if I let her sit on the couch with me for eating (shhh don't tell my husband). That high chair is the problem!

I usually make up a plate of food for the both of us and we watch TV and eat. It may not be recommended by parenting books, but it's better than battling it out!

Tara said...

Sadie has been getting kind of fussy about what she eats lately. She was also sick last week. What I have found she will drink a lot of is a smoothie ( I mix plain yogurt, blueberries, banana and avocado-- sounds gross, but actually tastes fine) and then I feed it to her in a big people cup, with a straw. That straw is a MAJOR win right now. I think she would drink anything through it. Today she drank 5 oz. In one sitting ( a lot for a kid who doesn't usually drink more than 2 oz at a time.) Maybe you could try something like that?
Don't stress too much, he looks like a pretty healthy boy! Oh, and the
Picture of you practicing your trumpet with Blaine in the backpack... Priceless!