Monday, April 18, 2011

9 Months

The biggest thing about this month is Blaine has become less clingy and quite the explorer. Right now as I type this he's exploring up a storm in the hallway. He's been able to crawl since 6.5 months (army style), but before this month, he'd crawl to get to mommy or go on minor expeditions. Now he crawls (non-army style) to get to his next major adventure and doesn't even care if mommy is there or not. He'll even crawl right out the back door if I open it for him. Sooooo cute! He gets into trouble and gets into predicaments, but he's learning. Luckily he seems to have a hard head and a high pain tolerance. ;)

Still no teeth and that is A-OK WITH ME! I got my first tooth in my 9th month so I'm thinking it'll be sometime soon unfortunately.

Speaking of me, I'm always comparing Blaine to milestones in my baby book. I know boys develop slower than girls in some areas but he's been right on track with me for the most part. One thing I think he's going to be WAY slower on is speech. He jibbers and jabbers up a storm 24 /7 but he doesn't do mamamamama / daddadadada / gagagagagga yet. Definitely no words. I'm not worried but it is the only thing I "think" he should be doing that he isn't.

Tomorrow we head to the doctor but I already know this kid is going to have gained less than one pound in the last 3 months. His growth regulators are just now realizing that destiny has him at no larger than 5'6''. ;)


Elizabeth said...

Aww cute! And yay for small boys :) Happy 9 months Blaine!

Kara said...

He's so cute in those pics! My baby babbles a lot, but so far the only thing I can reliably get from her is "Dada" and "Yeah". :)