Monday, April 4, 2011

6 Down, 6 To Go!

Well I survived 6 weeks of my friend's 12 week half-marathon training schedule. I'm so proud of myself because for the most part, I've stuck to the schedule. I say "for the most part" because...

1) I have an 8 month old who has very unpredictable freakouts

2) It is spring in Ohio and can be a 20 degree snowy day without warning (and I refuse to do more than 2 miles on a treadmill)

3) I was sick for a week and skipped a few days

4) I'm not actually running the race so I decided to top out my long runs at 9 miles even when she decides to get a little crazy and do "14 with the last 4 at race pace". ;)

But all in all I'm happy I have a schedule to stick to and a friend to run with.

In other news, my mom has a little bit of obsession with buying large quantities of cute things like peeps. So we got out her collection and did a little photo shoot so we can send out an Easter card. None of the pics are quite what I'm looking for but then again, Blaine is a baby so what can people expect? And if you are thinking "wow that's a lot of peeps," well I cropped out about 2/3rds of them! LOL.


Kari said...

Congrats!! Sounds like you've been working hard. I need your motivation. I'd like to do a 5k in the fall, which my DH pointed out "is nothing", but I'm super lazy.

I love the pic of Blaine and his Peeps!! ;)

Claire said...

i am so impressed. i need to get serious about running. i also need this weather to get nice!

Kara said...

It's so hard to stick to a training plan with a baby in the mix! I just wing it mostly and figure if I get my long runs done, it'll work out :)

I got bunny ears for Faith, but I haven't tried taking a picture yet, but I'm sure she'll be REALLY cooperative, lol.

Shannon said...

Congratulations! That's really great :). I got 2 days of outdoor running while we were in Florida. But now I'm back on the treadmill. Spring can't come soon enough!

I love Blaine in his bunny ears!

Kate said...

Love the bunny ears - and I'm glad to hear that my mom isn't the only OCD buyer when it comes to grandkids.

Congrats on the race progress - hard to believe you're already half done!

Courtney said...

Heck yea for the running schedule. I NEVER thought I would do a half marathon, let alone love training for it but I do! It is so addicting!