Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog Award Take 2!!

I'm saying take 2 for two reasons!! Back in October I did something very similar so I'll try to think of 7 different things about myself! And it is take 2 because today Anna gave me the award and last week Abby gave me it too. THANKS SO MUCH!! Anna is awesome because I haven't even seen her since high school but from what I read on her blog, she is the same sweet girl I ran track and competed gymnastics with. Abby had a beautiful baby named Casey last summer and he and Blaine have verrrry similar qualities! I enjoy both of their blogs very much!

Here goes!

1) I started blogging in 2008 after being a lurker for awhile on other blogs. It is weird to see how it has changed through time and how I've changed the types of blogs I read.


3) I want it to be winter for at least 4 more months. I doubt anyone around here shares my sentiments.

4) I used to be a MAJOR worry-wort about "the unknown". Examples: where I'd go to college, where I'd live someday, if I'd get married, etc. Now that my life is resolved mostly, I worry a lot less and enjoy life a lot more.

5) Now I worry about whether or not to go back to teaching when my child-care leave runs out.

6) I have texting blocked on my phone. Texting is annoying!

7) I love love love road trips and hope and pray Blaine starts liking the car more so we can take him on some ASAP! :)

Here are my nominations:

Tara from ALASKA (!!!) whose daughter is Blaine's birth twin (7/18/2010)
Kara, runner / mom
Amanda, strong mama extraordinaire


Kara said...

Thanks for the award!

No twitter? No texts? You hate two of my favorite things :)

Lanny said...

I love that you hate twitter, I've never really looked at it but after being talked into facebook I know I couldn't bear it, who can talk in three word sentences and that's all you say?! Same feeling for texting, just give me the phone and let me talk!

It's just good to not worry, whether things are resolved or not. My vote, on going back to work, stay home. You think this time has gone by fast?! I did it both ways, by the time the second oldest had been preschooling (mostly with Grandma) I finally left a "fulfilling" nursing career and I'm incredibly glad I did, wish I had with the first two! I'm not saying the younger two are any better off because of it, but I sure was! (quite frankly we're all a little messed up and it's always our parents fault ai, even if you tell them it isn't) Even without being able to "afford" things I was way better off. There's lots you can do without. But that just me, I know I'm in a small minority.

Maybe Blaine needs some car posters in his room!

Diana @ frontyardfoodie said...

I used to be against twitter too...I even took six months off of facebook once. Texts are blocked on my phone too but I have any texts sent to my google voice go to email. And I get email on my phone so I guess it's sort of the same thing.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the nomination! I do texting instead of talking on the phone because the boat reception is so terrible.