Friday, December 31, 2010


I think Blaine will need like 3 weeks to recover from the holiday bustle! Everyone is home from work / school and he has been around family all day everyday! It is so great! But it definitely has messed up his sleep schedule, potty usage, and he just came down with his 2nd cold. Boo!

He is such a good sitter now so that makes mommy very proud. It is so impressive seeing how that has improved dramatically over the last week. He used to be so wobbly and now he rarely tips over.


Lanny said...

What a sweet Christmas picture. Yikes, Blaine is looking entirely too grown up! A happy baby for certain. What a wonderful thing for him to have all that time with loved ones.

Shannon said...

I just blogged the same thing...the holidays were great, but Noah's sleep schedule is a mess now. He only wants to nap when being held. Fine with lots of people around, but not so fine when it's just me again!

I love you family picture!

Abby said...

That's amazing! What a big boy! Love the holidays, but so happy when everything gets back to normal. :) Happy New Year!

Leslie said...

Blaine is such a doll! Good luck getting the sleep back on schedule. Things are definitely out of whack for Miss Lainey as well. As much as I adored the holidays, I'm looking forward to a calmer week next week!