Saturday, December 18, 2010

5 Months

This really is becoming my favorite age. I swear the kid gets cuter by the minute and his little smiles and laughs are so plentiful he's just a pleasure to be around. I used to look at my baby pictures and say "wow I was a cute baby" but the other day I got them out again and said "oh man I wasn't so cute after all compared to Blaine"; he is stinkin ADORABLE! (I know all mommies say that about their babies though hehe).

Firsts: Rolling tons in both directions. In fact he rolls so much getting diapers put on is a challenge. Grabbing at objects with much accuracy. "Walking" with help is his absolute favorite. Got his first illness, a little cold with runny nose and cough. The only thing in his way of being able to crawl is his budda belly because he's got the arm and leg motions down pat!

Food: No solids yet. Starting very soon! He is so active I think it is time to get some extra calories in the kid. His wakeups have increased from one per night to sometimes 3 per night and he acts hungry at every wake up so it is about time! I've been so lucky that breastfeeding has been a breeze for all 5 months (knock on wood!!!!!).
Naps: Still a struggling point for us. Although lately I've been able to get him to sleep in 10 minutes or less by using music, swaying, and nursing. However, naps are usually only 30 minutes so I guess that means he wakes up after that first sleep cycle. The only way to get a 2 hour nap is to call someone and make plans for a certain time; he'll for sure still be in bed when that time comes! ;)

Potty: Still a potty champ! But his first cold definitley through a loop in the potty use. Sometimes he is too squirmy to even sit on the thing but normally that just means he doesn't have to go!
These 5 months have flown by; I cannot tell you how much I love being a mom and how thankful I am to be off work thus home with the little guy. I wish my hubby didn't travel so much (2 weeks straight right now) but am very fortunate that both his and my families are close and helpful!


Kari said...

Time is really flying isn't it??? Yay for all the firsts!! They just make your heart explode with pride don't they??? I have to tell you in regards to solids I've been doing a lot of research and it seems babies normally go through a stage at 4-6 months where they are more wakeful at night and want to put everything in their mouth, which most people think means they're ready for solids but actually it's just a normal stage where milk feedings are still best for them before 6 months. Take that for what it's worth since plenty of people choose to start their babies on solids before 6 months. Just thought I'd share because I too thought LD was ready for solids based on those cues, but we're waiting until he can sit up on his own. And yeah you're his mom so of course you think he's adorable, but when others freely agree with you that's when you know you have a cute kid!! You have a cutie on your hands for sure!! I tell DH that ours has to be actually really be cute(not just to us and family) because when we're out in public people constantly make it a point to come up to us and tell us just how cute he is. In my mind if he wasn't really cute strangers wouldn't go out of their way to lie to you. :)

Amanda said...

I love your 5 month update. Having our little girl at 9 days old and having all her firsts are thrilling eough, to imagine her at 5 months will be so fun!

On the EC front, I've held her over the sink and over a yogurt container and made a pss sound, held her under her knees like they say in the book, and seriously, I hold her there for 5 min, then put her down on the change table and what does she do? PEE! Maybe 9 days as a first mom is too much to hope for.

I think we'll keep trying. The lure of a diaper-free baby seems so ideal.

So glad you're well.

Kate said...

Happy 5 months!!!

Jill said...

Happy 5 months Blaine! He really is a super cutie, I wouldn't lie!

Caitlin said...

I think he's getting cuter all the time, too. And I'm happy to have a napinator effect on him. Ha. If you ever need long-distance help with the napping, give me a call and I'll tell Blaine about my research. :)

Shannon said...

Such a handsome little man! I love your updates because I get a preview of 2 months down the road :)