Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanks a lot, Glee

I never watched Glee until this summer when I decided to get the DVDs from the library and catch up to speed. Of course I fell in love with the show because it is so funny / ridiculous and everyone on there is VERY talented. Plus it is set in Ohio (!!) and at a high school (I'm very familiar with both of these locations LOL).

When we picked out the name Blaine, it was because we stumbed upon it in a baby book and both liked it. Yes, we had to resort to going through books from the library because Nick hated all the other names I had on my list and had no suggestions of his own. I wanted something rare; I'd only ever heard of one Blaine before in my whole life, one of my favorite male gymnasts, Blaine Wilson.

Imagine my excitement / shock / HORROR when the newest character on Glee appeared, named Blaine. I know pop culture / TV shows are like the #1 influence on naming trends. Let's hope hundreds of moms-to-be don't like that name or my child won't be the only Blaine at his school afterall.


Caitlin said...

Well...Blaine is actually kind of popular among the toddler set these days. But look on the bright side -- unlike the explosion of Caitlins after I was born, Blaine is pretty much spelled only one way. :)

basebell6 said...
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basebell6 said...

I think my mom experienced the same boom with "christy" too! she CLAIMS no one really had the name but then there is like a million in our class and all spelled different!

as far as blaine being popular among toddlers, i had no idea! i just went off this graph which shows it more popular in 1910 than 2009. oh well!

Jill said...

Oh, they so will! That sucks as we tried to find a rarer name so I understand your goal!

Heather said...

hmm I could actually use a tv star to name their kid Ian so people would learn how to pronounce it. I never realized nobody knows how. 99% of the people call him E-in. errr I've never even heard that name!