Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Footprints in the Snow

(disclaimer: I did not take the above photograph).

Winter has brought on a whole new paranoia for me! Footprints! See, last year when we got robbed, the first thing I noticed was "off" when arriving home was GIANT footprints on our back deck leading to our door. Nick's feet are the same size as mine so I knew someone else had been up there. Sure enough we all know how that story ends.

Little did I know that this winter's snow has got me all investigative everyday. When I get home, I notice every single footprint on the drive / front porch / back deck. Mail lady putting boxes on my front porch is common. Then last week someone walked in front of my house, around the side, all the way to the back, and then into my neighbors yard. I summed it up that it was my neighbor probably looking for one of their animals that ran off. Not too worry-some.

Yesterday however I went full into panic mode when I saw HUGE prints coming from the road, towards the house, then diagonal across my drive towards the fence. WHAT WAS THAT GUY DOING??!!! The fence gap isn't big enough to cross over into the neighbors and the tracks turned around there. Heart-rate up, I walked along the tracks back and forth 3 times. WHAT WAS HE DOING?!! Ohhhhhhhh!!! Reading the electric meters. He could see the neighbor's from the gap apparently. LOL. Wow.

I need to turn down my panic-meter!


Erika Jean said...

oh that is a little scary! Glad it was nothing - and sorry to ehar you got burglarized lst year!

My grnadparents noticed a similar thing when their house got broken into - tire tracks. The dog has however scared him away!

Jenea said...

Hihihi! Very beautifull photo!
It's very profesionally,

maybe it was Postman's traces!?? :)