Saturday, January 30, 2010

17 weeks: Gotta be a Smurf!

17 weeks! Yay! I guess 18 weeks is officially month 5 so it is scary how fast things go! I'm sure going to be happy when winter is over though so I can get outside and do more things. 36 degrees today! Washed my car HALLELUJAH!

As you can see, it's a smurf in there for sure!!

I'm going to go ahead and link to a few of my favorite "pregnant right now too" blogs so you can see pictures of what I keep comparing myself too! These girls all seem the skinny / athletic type so they seemed like good comparisons. I'm over being worried! I know everything is probably going to be OK and I'm enjoying my last few weeks of being able to fit into my brown corduroys!

The Baker Bee

Road Worth Traveling

This Place is Now a Home


Peggy said...

Running track, hiking all over Ohio, and all the garden work you do all summer. That baby is pushing against a brick wall! I was like that with my first. You are fine, all those other don't have your stomach muscles.

basebell6 said...

I'm pretty positive they have more stomach muscles than me!! The theory I have is maybe they are shorter and their babies have to grow out faster (?).

George said...

I think I see a couple of bumps...could those be ears???

Lanny said...

You crack me up!

When I was just first pregnant with my first baby I was still in nursing school and had started my rotation through Labor and Delivery. A woman came in and unless she turned sideways you could not tell she was pregnant let alone about to deliver. She was nicely tanned all over, not too much, just right. She was tight and toned all over, and when she got herself into Labor and Delivery she had three contractions and we moved her to the deliver room, three more and the baby practically flew out, she hardly huffed or puffed, jumped out of bed and began to pack for home!

I just knew I was going to be like that! Hey I rode my bicycle everywhere, gardened, split all our wood for heat, I was in shape! Well, the nausea never stopped and soon I couldn't stand being in regular clothes, I would have worn a mu-mu if I could and then in month four I looked like I was ready to deliver. And when I got to delivery it took me a week, not three contractions!

If the doc says things are going well, go with it. Any pictures of the baby yet? Maybe we could see his/her little smurf hat in the ultrasound.

Casey said...

Thanks for the mention! You are too cute! I bet Kate (from thisplace...) doesn't start showing for awhile, too! I have no clue why I started showing so early... and I have only gained 10 pounds in my 23 weeks. I look like I should have gained 20! Best of luck to you and I will be sure to check by often!

basebell6 said...

thanks lanny and casey! i get my first ultrasound on feb 23rd & we are going to find out if it's a boy / girl. i'm so excited but it sort of stinks because my insurance won't cover 20 week ultrasounds unless you are over 30 yrs old. but i'm getting it anyways!