Saturday, January 30, 2010

Face to Face with a REDTAILED HAWK

The most AMAZING THING EVER just happened to me. I've come to expect the unexpected when it comes to animals appearing outside of my bedroom window; my neighbors have quite the collection of weird pets / farm animals. However, this was no pet. I went in and climbed up on the bed to hang some pants on the curtain rod to dry. Looked out the window and there is a GINORMOUS REDTAILED HAWK just chilling out. SOOOOOO COOL! I was thinking maybe it got hit by a car or something because that is majorly odd for one to be just sitting on / near the ground. Well I snuck out to the living room to get my camera and came back in slowly to get a few shots; my favorite pic is where it is making eye contact with me! There's a bit of a blur because of taking the pics through a sunny window, but they are still priceless to me! Definitely a highlight of my year so far.


George said...

Super neat pictures!! Not often you can get up close and personal with such a wild animal/bird. Did he fly away after posing?

Erika Jean said...

Very awesome. Did he finally get up and go? Hope it's okay!

We used to handle a Red Tailed Hawk at a park I used to work at (one that couldn't be re-released) he was so beautiful, but scared the crap out of me!

Great pictures!!

Lanny said...

Wow! Definitely a highlight! One of many that bless your life.

Jenea said...

It's realy - Sooooooo Cooool! Here in my country - we don't have so big and beautiful birds