Tuesday, January 19, 2010

15 weeks: Am I even pregnant?

I knew pregnancy would bring on a whole knew onslaught of worries. Worrying about your future child, worrying what might go wrong in there, worrying about every little change. I have been good so far not doing much worrying, until the last week or so.

I've made the mistake of google imaging pictures of pregnant women at "10 weeks" on my 10th week, "11 weeks" on my 11th week and now "15 weeks". Trust me if you go to google and do the same, you will be amazed at how big some pregnant women are at 15 weeks. I know everyone is different and yada yada yada.

But then there are the blogs I read. They do the posting of weekly photos and there is notice-able change every single week it seems.


At 9 weeks, I first started noticing my old stomach wasn't quite there anymore. There was a little bulge. Made sense because the books say the uterus is grapefruit sized by week 9. Well you can see for yourself here 6 weeks later I'm not showing much progress. And yes I'll still wearing my pre-pregnancy regular brown corduroys.


Stay tuned...I'm pretty sure in 2 more weeks I'll be complaining because I'm too fat. LOL. Such is life!!


Erika Jean said...

my Friend is due in may, over Christmas break some of my other friends saw her and didn't think she looked preggers at all!

you will "blow up" before you know it ;-)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Don't worry - it'll happen! And soon enough! Congrats on your news by the way :) -Tammy

Down On The Farm said...

I will be waiting to see your "profile" picture in another 15 weeks :)!!!!! Don't rush the big belly. Trust me . . . it's a comin'!!

Hope you are feeling wonderful and that everything is going GREAT!

George said...

You're probably not showing yet because you're having a Smurf - they are noted for smaller sizes early on - if your belly takes on a bluish hue and has two dimples (their ears kinda stick out), you will know....

Lanny said...

Wadda think ya are? A giant pumpkin? You most likely have stomach muscles from hauling things like compost, most women do not have that.

So is your "panic meter" up 'cause of hormones?

Congratulations by the way! Very excited for you and your husband, fun way to announce it to your family (you're older post that I just now read).

Anonymous said...

seriously? only my dad would accuse you of having a smurf! he shoulda said something like a deer, cause yanno the whole john deere theme......and right there is where I admit to the internet that I did inherit my father's sense of humor (or lack of) *sigh*

Jenea said...

Don't worry dear!!! All will be fine! ;)