Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introvert or Extrovert?

Time Magazine had a very interesting article last week about introverts and extroverts. First, it stated that being an introvert does not neccesarily mean one is shy. It was said that scientists can predict if infants will be introverted based on their sensitivity. Also, whether one turns out an intervert / extrovert is highly genetic.

So of course we looked at Blaine's family tree and thought back to how sensitive he was as a 4 month old. We concluded without a doubt that we will have an introvert on our hands. LOL.

However, he is very much a ham for attention and will approach other kids at the park / library and give them toys / books [soooo cute]. It will be such a neat thing to watch his personality unfold!

What do you think your child will be?


Kari said...

I will have to read the article. Both DH and I are very, very, very introverted. LD however is the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. So much so that our family have commented that it boggles their minds how such an extrovert could spring from such serious introverts. I chalked it up to a natural childish extrovertedness, which I'm not sure exists but I guessed must based on LD. I hope he maintains his extrovertedness, I wish I was more extroverted.

Abby said...

Oh, I'm so excited to read that article! Mike and I are generally extroverted, but that happened later in life for my husband. Casey is super shy around people/kids he doesn't know, so I always assumed he'd be introverted. We shall see!

New Duds said...

Have you read the new book Quiet? its really good and made me feel great about being an introvert myself. Its really a breathtaking look on the benefits of being a bit quieter ;)
here is the link

Kara said...

On one hand, my kid is quiet and likes to sit by herself and play, but in public she is a little ham too! I guess I'll have to wait and see how she turns out :)

Diana @ frontyardfoodie said...

Yeah I don't know where that assumption that introverts are shy came extrovert probably. haha

I'm definitely an extrovert and my son is, without a doubt, an extrovert! It is so fun to watch his personality unfold and I'm so excited to see what my next son will be like!