Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hit up the Trails!

I had a really good childhood. We lived on the family-farm compound: grandma / grandpa lived next door, uncle / aunt next to her, great uncle / great aunt and cousins catty-corned from them. Throw in 50 acres, a pond, and couple barns, and I grew up in an outdoor lovers paradise.

If I had one complaint about my upbringing, it would be this: My parents never introduced me to the concept of public trails. I HAD NO IDEA THEY EXISTED UNTIL HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE. True story. I would see a picture of a girl hiking on a trial in the mountains and just figured she was lucky with where she lived. Maybe it was her family's trail out behind her house? LOL. I had no clue there were trails in such places were open for any one's use [and trails so close to our own house].

Well I've definitely made up for lost time in the last 12 years or so [off the top of my head, I've hiked trails in Ohio, PA, West Virginia, Indiana, Virginia, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington] and now that I have a child it is definitely my vow that Blaine grows up loving [or tolerating] hiking.

We are lucky to have a state nature preserve full of trails 2 miles from my house! [I appreciate it much more now than in my high school running days haha]. Blaine loves going there; it is pretty much the only time I've ever witnessed him climbing INTO the stroller! :)


heather said...

I love walking that trail but the one time dad and I took Ian we made it bout 10 feet in and he had bout 100 misquitos on him. Not really a problem this time of year though!

Elizabeth said...

Blaine looks so snuggly in his winter duds and stroller!