Sunday, August 7, 2011

Up Up and Away: Pro Football Hall of Fame

Had a great time this weekend, helping to carry the Pinocchio balloon in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Parade! I really miss my high school band marching days and longed to be in the parade again. My dad always forgets to sign me up to help with his company's balloon (they let non-employees help), so my friend came through and signed me up with his instead.

It was waaay harder than I expected! It was so rush rush rush, and the balloon always had to go right or left or higher or lower, and the crowd was screaming "SPIN IT" at the top of their lungs the whole route. Not to mention it was HOT out. haha. This balloon was the tallest in the parade, 7 stories high. Crazy to think they only instruct the volunteers for about 10 minutes on what to do: down / up, turn, spin, etc. But I had a great time!

I almost think I prefer to just sit an watch the parade! I felt like I missed out on seeing everthing else that was in the parade, so next year I will just take Blaine and watch. Then the year after that, who knows! Maybe a bell choir float? LOL. ;)


Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

Hilarious :) I was watching photos of the parade pop up on FB from friends who went. I marched in it three times - whoever had the bright idea to have us wear wool uniforms in AUGUST should be shot.

Your balloon experience reminds me of carrying the Hello Kitty balloon in Pittsburgh's St. Patrick's Day parade. But also? March in Pittsburgh? We were FREEZING.

I say just take Blaine next year! Or watch on TV :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh my- that sounds like fun, but a lot of work! I say you've paid your dues and can sit and just enjoy the parade next year!

Kara said...

That sounds like a fun experience! I've never even considered the difficulties of balloon herding. :)

Nikki said...

I've always wanted to help with a balloon the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, but maybe it would be too much work. That's awesome that you got to have that experience. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

basebell6 said...

It definitely DEFINITELY wasn't "too much work". It just wasnt the leisurely stroll down the street that I'd imagined it to be! ;)

If you have an "in" at Macy's, GO FOR IT AND DONT THINK TWICE!!!!!!!

Anna & Kirby said...

Oh goodness... the Hall of Fame parade! I miss all that craziness! I loved the JHS band and would always get chills whenever you'd all play together! I still brag about you guys...the Purple Army! I've even searched on YouTube for videos to watch!

Anonymous said...

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