Monday, July 25, 2011

Our 1st: Farmers' Market

Yes it seems everywhere I look we've got something growing. In three separate garden areas. So imagine my suprise [frustration, fear] when I called FIVE separate farmers markets and they were ALL FULL WITH LONG WAITING LISTS. I know I can put a sign out front, but come on, I'd be lucky to make $5 a week doing that. Not many people stop; but at farmers markets you've got a concentrated ammount of people coming to you who want to buy your stuff.

I lucked out and my cousin told me of a brand new market only 15 minutes from here. AND THEY WERE ACCEPTING VENDORS. FOR FREE. Both biggies [most farmers markets charge a vending fee and some are pretty steep]. So we signed up and went for our first time last Saturday. It was a fun experience considering I've never even been to one in my life[embarrassing I know]. The name I came up with in a pinch was Pumpkin Blossom Farm. We don't even have a farm and I sort kinda definitely copied off a blogger [don't tell anyone either of those confessions haha].

Pumpkins are getting bigger!


Stacy said...

Yay for farmer's markets! Since we planted our veggies so late, I've been hitting one up for fresh produce while we wait. You can't beat the prices or the selection!

Nikki said...

Farmer's markets are so much fun! There is a HUGE one near here (Madison, WI). We try to make it as much as we can over the summers. Hope your sales went well!!