Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cry It Out

I never really liked the thought of just leaving a baby in his crib to cry. And cry. AND CRY. I mean hysterically crying. But my baby is being so difficult with naps that it has come to that officially today.

Rocking to sleep? No. He hates rocking chairs. Nursing to sleep? That won't even work anymore. He practically just tears my boob off. Ouch; cant wait until he's got teeth. Carrier? Hates it when tired.

I've been reading sooooooooooooo much about this subject. The biggest thing is to not let the little baby get overly tired. No problem. I know Blaine can only handle 1 hr 20 minutes of awake time so at 1 hour 10 minutes exactly I started the "winding down into nap" time. You know, play soothing music, rub his back, walk him around the room swaying (again don't even think about rocking chair or sitting down, he'd freak). But the minute you put him in his crib? HYSTERICAL CRYING. I mean so hard he coughs. So I pick him up (stops crying INSTANTLY), reassure him, and put him down again. Repeat. FOR 5 STRAIGHT HOURS!

I mean he got up at 8:30 and it is now 1:30 and he has slept 15 minutes all day.

Tired Mommy.

He started crying in his bed at 1:19 and it is 1:38 and he is still hysterical. Will I cave and go in? Probably. I'm at the end of my rope as far as ideas.

Oh and even better? He cries hysterically EVERY TIME WE GO IN THE CAR. 5 minute drive? 40 minute drive? Doesn't matter, hysterical. But the minute you get where you are going and take him out? Stops crying INSTANTLY. This is how I know he is not in pain; his ability to "turn it off" and then "turn it on" so quickly.

Ok it is now 1:41 and he's quiet. Let's pray he's asleep and this nap issue starts fading SOON.

And some good news in a post full of gloom: He went 9 hours between feedings last night!!! YEEHAWWWWWWW!!! 7:30 pm - 4:30 am. With a dry diaper :). Then he peed in the potty. That's my boy! And at night? No troubles putting him in his crib wide awake and him going to sleep without even the littlest fuss. Sooooooo weird.


Erika Jean said...

my friend had the SAME problem with her baby crying hysterically in the car. I helped her with some internet research and tips - and there were a TON, but none of them helped!

She siad he is slightly better about it. He's just about to be 5mo. here in a few days...

Jill said...

That is weird that he is fine at night. Baby girl still resists naps but we are not having as much trouble as you. She is the same though, she cries harder if she knows you are going for the rocking chair! But once I sit down I give her the pacifier (the only time she uses it anymore) and sing to her or talk quietly and then she goes from screaming to out cold in 90 seconds. I wish you could find something that works! I know there are people who are baby sleep trainers, maybe one could help?

Janelle said...

Austin was aweful, aweful, aweful in the car. I quit going anywhere that wasn't necessary because it was painful for both of us. It didn't get better till around 14 months...and then, poof, he was fine. Drove me insane. Nothing worked.

Now...Wes is the same. I think they just don't like not having the attention and being held. I have no advice, but if you figure out something, please post it - we're confined to home and (very) short road trips at this point, because the screaming is almost never worth the destination.

Sorry about the nap insanity - I couldn't do CIO either, I caved every time I tried because it sounded like he was dying. At least he is easy at night? and sleeping well? I am suprised he doesn't like the carrier, that was always my trick when nothing else worked. I know your'e against it, but have you tried a pacifier? We let Wes use one just to take naps (he doesn't use it at all otherwise, or even at night)and the sucking soothes him without removal of my nipple.

Good luck!

Kate said...

How come the 1hr 20 minute limit? Does he get fussy after that long? What happens if you just let him go as long as he wants to without naps? If he does actually fall asleep, how long does he nap?

What would happen if you get to 1hr 10 min and just walk away from him - leave him in a quiet, non-stimulating environment and let him soothe himself to sleep? Would he fall asleep or just stay awake? Our boys don't actually nap in their cribs - just on the couch, floor, where ever... Maybe try laying him on the couch w/ his blankie and leaving him?

Maybe he gets carsick? The car may be a situation where you'll have to buy earplugs and just go... Not sure how I'd even begin to handle that one. What if you sit beside him while someone else drives? Still crying?

Sorry I'm not more help... :0(

Theresa E. said...

That was my first thought...why the 1 hr. 10 min. time limit? I'd try leaving him stay awake as long as possible, when you see him start fighting it, then try putting him down for nap time. That's usually what we do with Alanna, although we more or less have her on a schedule where she's up early (6a?) and then goes down for a nap around noon-1p.
Christina used to have this problem when trying to put Alanna down for a nap when Alanna wasn't ready for it. My trick with getting Alanna to take an early nap (11a) was to make her play hard...have her run around, chase her, whatever lol. After all that, she was easy to put to sleep. Sorry you don't have that luxury yet ;)
The bright side? You won't have to worry about potty training. Sounds like you've already got that taken care of :) I hear boys are the worst.

basebell6 said...

thanks for all the comments, guys!! here's an update on how this afternoon has unfolded:

1:40 Blaine falls asleep after crying for 21 minutes.

2:10 Blaine wakes up, still super tired, and crying very hard

2:12 Mommy nurses Blaine to sleep while laying in bed with him

4:35 Blaine still asleep


Janelle, I broke down and started using a pacifier in week 8 but by week 10 he was sooo over it and won't take it. That did help with car rides and with naps. I'm not sure why he gave it up. I keep trying but it just angers him.

And Theresa, Kate: The 1 hr 20 min thing is just the time limit that he gets fussy after being awake for. He's like clockwork and just gets tired after that long (I guess that is normal from what I've read) so I've read to get them to go for a nap 10 minutes before they hit the "tired fussy" stage.

Kate, hmmmmmmm, carsick! I wonder how I'd know? That is something I hadn't thought of.

Kari said...

Sorry for the fussy troubles. I have no good advice. LD doesn't have a nap schedule. He doesn't seem to get any more fussy when left to his own devices so we just let him do as he pleases. Probably not the best idea but it's working for us. As far as the car it seems one of us is always in back with him. I don't go many places alone with him yet so I don't know how it would play out. The few times I have he seems fine. I'm not sure if you're using an infant seat still or a convertible but I read a lot of babies get super fussy in infant bucket seats but are fine once switched to convertibles. We haven't looked back since switching from the infant seat so maybe it would help Blaine.

Abby said...

Oh our lives are soooo similar! My baby sleeps nightly about 7-4 or 5, but day naps? Forget it. After about an hour and a half of awake time, he's exhausted and will fall asleep in arms, but WILL NOT go down in his crib/co-sleeper/anything. The car rides used to work, but not anymore. I can't complain, though, after such great nights. Though, the days are super exhausting!

Shannon said...

Its great that you get such a long strtch at night, but it is impossible to get anything done during the day when the baby won't sleep or let you put him down. I'm sorry. My little guy has a couple good daytime naps, but he only sleeps for 2 four hour stretches at night. Not too bad, but we're still tired. Lots of good advise in the other comments. I'm taking notes too. Good luck...I hope tomorrow is better :)

basebell6 said...


Thanks soooo much for reading and for the comment! Although it doesn't appear on here, I read it through my email.

Congrats on the baby boy! Kalie told me you were pregnant but I think that was before you guys knew the gender.

Hey, a 2 year old that naps great sounds like a DREAM; I'm requesting that book from the library TODAY! How long did you have to "train" her until she would just fall asleep for naps with no fight? Thanks so much for your expert advice; I'm willing to try anything and I feel he is old enough (16 weeks) to be trained at this point.