Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 Months!

4 months old today! And Blaine did WAAAY better with his shots this go-around than last time.

Not any new photos or stories but I will say naps have greatly improved! I think he just had a few challenging weeks there for awhile. The other day he actually took 5 naps and one was 2 hrs long! WOA! Night-time has been good with 7's, 8's, and the occasional 9 hour stretches. Often I hear him wake up and put him self back to sleep within 5 minutes so that is nice to see.


Head - 43 cm (70 %)
Weight - 14 lbs 15 oz (55 %)
Height - 25.25 inches (75 %)

So now is when we have to do decide when to start solids! Anytime between month 4 and 6!

What has everybody else done or do you plan to do?


Casey said...

What a tall boy you have!

We started rice cereal at 4 months & a week and then did oatmeal a few days after that. Eli is 5 months & a week now and he eats bananas, peas, pears & sweet potatoes. We are trying zucchini on Saturday :) We were really in no hurry to start solids, except that he just seemed ready. He kept staring at and grabbing for our food & our drinks, so just decided to try it one day & he LOVED it!

I make all of his food except for the cereals (because of the added iron in store bought). I spent a few hours one day steaming & baking fruits & veggies and then freezing them in ice cube trays. We probably have enough food for at least 6 weeks and it only cost me about $15. Unfortunately I can't really grow my own veggies (stupid deed restrictions), but I wish that I could!!

Our schedule is like this right now (all times are approximate!):
7am - nurses
10am - nurses and then an ounce of fruit mixed with 1 tbs cereal & some breast milk
1pm - nurses
4pm - nurses and then an ounce of a veggie mixed with breast milk
7pm - nurses & bedtime

I let him take as much milk as he wants, and if he doesn't finish his solids, that's ok. At this point, he is just learning how to eat.

Sorry this is so long!

Kari said...

Happy four months!! Yay for Blaine doing better with his shots!! LD's are tomorrow and Mommy has to go alone for the first time and I'm not looking forward to it. :( Hoping he's brave like Blaine.

As for solids everything I'm reading says waiting until at least 6 months is best, I know our pedi is going to tell me tomorrow anytime 4-6 months since he already said that once. We are thinking we're going to do Baby Led Weaning, which isn't really weaning but hey whatever, it's basically skipping purees and letting them feed themselves real food when they're ready. I can't grow food here either and the more I read about BLW the more it makes sense for us. LD isn't showing any signs of wanting solids yet so I don't feel bad not introducing them yet. I was wishy-washy about delaying but read this and it sealed the deal:

Whatever you decide to do will be the best thing for you and Blaine!!

Good luck!!

Claire said...

we started with oatmeal (i heard rice can be constipating and she already wasn't very regular). she had it at 4 months and a week or so. She loves it. I just give her 2 tablespoons at night before she nurses before bed. It's so fun!

Janelle said...

Wowza! I has Wes in yesterday, and for some reason, he has fallen off the growth charts. He had been in the 50+ %%'s and has dropped down to 5th% for his weight...they have me freaked out. Except - to me he looks like a chunky monkey - not skinny at all? I think they just overestimated his height (so hard to measure a wiggley baby!) and thus the accurate weight made him drop down a few growth curves?

Anyhow - We waited till 6 months to start solids because he just didn't seem interested till then. I don't do that processed rice cereal stuff - just make brown rice and grind it up, along with other fruits/veggies/grains. We've tried millett, oats, sweet potato, squash, zucchini, pears, and bananas. He hates millett, loves sweet potato, and can take or leave the others. And bananas stop him up.

I just put everything in the food mill and grind it up, and always make extra and freeze in ice cube trays for later.

Good times - life is about to get much messier for you!

Kate said...

4 months already.... wow! Glad the naps are improving.

Not sure how long we'll wait to start solids - it won't be long after 4 months I'm sure. We will wait until after our checkup on the 1st of Dec. so it will likely be 4 mo. and 1-2 weeks.

basebell6 said...

Thanks for all the great input! A lot of you mentioned 'growing your own food' and that is hard in Ohio during the winter! But we have a LOT of veggies frozen from last summer's garden.

I do want to wait awhile more but I think what makes the decision hard is "knowing when" he'll need those extra calories from food. His weight percentile has dropped too and he's becoming way more active. I'm thinking Christmas time; 5 1/2 months. We'll see I guess.

Abby said...

Happy Four Months, Blaine! Hope you had a great day!