Sunday, March 21, 2010

Conversation with a Coworker

A few days ago I was in the copy room and this teacher comes in and says, "Christy, I LOVE that skirt!"

I said, "Yeah, I had to hit up the Goodwill because not too many of my skirts fit me anymore."

She said, "Why?" while looking extremely puzzled.

"Um because I'm 6 monthes pregnant," I replied.

"I HAD NO IDEA!!!!" she said.

How can this be that someone I see three times a week or more can't even tell I'm pregnant and I've gained BOOKOOO POUNDS?!! Let's just say over the last month I've gained WAY MORE than 1 lb per week. Wilbur* is catching up I'd say but he seems to be taking over my insides.

*not his real name but what Nick calls him


Breanne said...

Oh, that's too funny! I had similar experiences. Are you very tall? I'm 5'9", and last summer no one would be believe me when I'd say I was due in July.

At least it's much better than only being a few months along and someone telling you you must be due anyday since you look ready to pop! ;-)

Hope you're feel well!

Theresa E. said... it! Haha :) Cute nickname for when he's older too, but yea I wouldn't recommend actually naming him that lol!

Janelle said...

"Wilber" is adorable! What a perfect nickname. My first got nicknamed "goober" despite my protests...thank goodness it didn't stick.

I had a similar experience with my first babe - I hated the idea that folks just thought I was getting chubby because although I put on weight, it wasn't in "baby bump" form till around 7.5 months. I agree with Breanne - consider yourself lucky, at least you aren't getting the "you must be due any day!" comments!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

I can't spell - I'll try again:

Ha - I actually laughed out loud. How could she not notice?

Although, at my previous job a co-worker was three weeks before her due date when one of the scientists finally noticed... He was a little out of touch with reality sometimes though (and a man, which doesn't help); you'd think that a woman would notice.

Anyhow - Wilbur is cute! I'd better not tell C, he'll steal it (and come up with something like Wilbur and Wilbee - lame, I know).

It was in the late '90s when they started speed limits again here - I think '98... can't remember for sure. When we were without, it was "Reasonable and Prudent", which pretty much meant 75ish.

Glad you're doing well!

Lanny said...

Oh some folks just don't notice stuff like that, maybe 'cause they did once and it didn't go well for them. I wanted to ask a gal the other day when she was due but swallowed my words because it just didn't seem right, lot of women are carring extra weight just in the middle these days.

Love baby's pet name, pet names are adorable, well at least for the parents for sure. I have a daughter who greatly resented having been nicknamed Bert. Came from my husband calling me Big Bertha when I was pregnant with her, my second. My first was then called Little Bert, mostly LB for short and the baby, Baby Bert. We tried calling my husband Phil Bert but that was the only one that didn't stick, well, and mine didn't either.