Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day and Babies Babies EVERYWHERE

First off a big happy Memorial Day to all! Thanks for all the sacrifices of veterans, families, friends, everyone who has had their lives touched by the armed services. It is because of them this world is the way it is today.

Here are a picture of some of the exciting little babies around here! There is a swan family in the pond across the street from here so everyday I ride my bike over and take pics. The first picture best shows the 7 babies with being able to see that one is gray!! Weird!! I guess the swan couple has been coming to this pond for 3 years now but this is the 1st time they've had babies.

Nick's chics arrived and it has been fun watching them get a little bigger and different each day.

Only two more weeks of school and then FREEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erika Jean said...

I LOVE your swan pics! It reminds me of the lake at my grandparents place in Michigan! the same family of swans was there every year - always with 3 babies. We used to say it was our family (three kids, and our last name is Swan!) :-)

Theresa E. said...

My semester is done, but I have summer classes :) Also...I enjoyed the swan pics. So cool!

basebell6 said...

that is totally cool about the swans and your last name being swan!! (i cant even imagine how many people ask you if you are related to bella LOL).

Knatolee said...

Oh wow, the cygnets are amazing!!!

Lille Diane said...

Oh these are beautiful!!! I live on a lake... you saw that I'm sure... silly me but I have not seen any baby swans yet! I did a great series on geese & goslings. I am green in a good way. ;-)

I am near the Akron area. I will add you to my list to follow. Thank you for stopping by the tree house. I hope you'll stop back.

PS Congrats on school being out! Teachers work harder than anyone--and should get triple the salary they do now! (make that 20 times more....)