Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The time has come for....Pruning Fruit Trees!!

Let's start this off by telling you all that my grandma is like "prune queen". My mom would randomly come home from somewhere and see that a bush / tree / etc was absolutely butchered and be like "WAS MAMA HERE?!!". LOL. She loves loves loves to prune anything. I think she lives for this time of year (pruning fruit trees).
She is now 76 and still insists on climbing as high as a human can possibly get to pick that last cherry / apple / pear, etc, while the rest of us say, "that is totally not worth it" and sit on the ground. Well she fell out of an apple tree the other day (she is fine other than a headache and stiff neck) and while I did not witness this, just the mere thought of it gives me a heart attack. Here she is a half-hour later, using the safer approach: Step Ladder!!


Erika Jean said...

oh no! glad she is okay! do you just have a few trees? or an orchard of sorts?

I used to work at an apple orchard selling apples and other fruits!

basebell6 said...

That is so cool you worked at an orchard! I would love that! We only have about 6 apple trees, 1 pear, 1 sour cherry, 1 sweet cherry. But the cherry trees are huge and took 3 of us 3 days straight of picking to get them all. haha.

Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

Lol, oh my gosh. That's amazing. I want to be up in trees when I'm 76!