Monday, January 6, 2014

Talking with the Dead

It is no secret that I believe in ghosts / angels.   Everyone I talk with thinks I'm nuts but then they follow it up with EXTREMELY, SUPER, VERY FREAKY stories of things that have happened to them!   I'm talking better stories than I could imagine!  Lights being turned on, objects flying around, curtains opening themselves, etc.   Nothing tooooo freaky has happened to me in the last 6 months but I have had a few dreams that I sort to do believe to be more than just my "subconscious" playing tricks on me.

When I have a dream that there is someone deceased in, I know they are dead in the dream.  I proceed to ask them tons of questions.  Where are you now?  What is dying like?  To name a few.   One time a friend who had died told me, "Dying is like falling asleep with a teddy bear in the candle light".  The dream was about 12 years ago and I remember it word for word for obvious reasons.  Chills you to the bone at the same time it warms your heart.

This past fall I had a dream of a friend of my grandparents' who I knew through them but also through school (he was a bus driver).  He died last spring and then showed up in my dream last fall.  He was much much younger, chatted with me, I asked him questions, and then VERY CHILLINGLY told me, "We'll be seeing you soon, Christy" and raised his eyebrows.  I have read books on near death experiences and almost all of them mention time being a different entity in heaven than it is on earth [a minute here is not a minute there, etc].  I PRAY "SOON" IN HIS MIND IS ACTUALLY LIKE 50 YEARS OR MORE!

Lastly, my grandma was in my dream last night.  He was much younger as well, although not as young as his friend had been, and for the first time, wouldn't answer some of my questions.  He told me some things just had to stay secret.

Do you believe in angels doing things in your life and / or coming to you in dreams?  Or as my coworker thinks:  Do things like this only happen to me because I believe in it?


Tessa Valyou said...

ohhh good ones! I dont know if I believe or not. I grew up in a creepy but cool house, a 200 year old renovated gris mill. It had a few unmarked graves right outside the house. My whole family has creepy stories of things that happened to them except me. But I was freaked out for years at night. And I have 'feelings' in different houses. Our house does not creep me out at all but I have been in others that give me that same feeling, who knows what that is!

As far as dreams I think sometimes they can be helpful. When my grandfather died about 10 years ago I was not dealing well with the death, a few months after I had a dream where I hugged him and he told me if I ever wanted to see him again I can anytime in my dreams even if I cant remember him when I am awake as well. It was so realistic, I remember his cool crisp shirt and it was just so much more vivid than other dreams. I felt so much better right after with his passing and have not dreamed about him since but hope I do again some day as it was really amazing. I like to think it was his way of making me feel better, and it worked.

Kate said...

I think it helps that you believe, but I don't think that's the exclusive reason.

I always seem to have these moments in the twilight of sleep and awake where I see/feel them. There have been times they've been close enough I've tried to reach out and touch them.

Real or otherwise, I don't think keeping an open mind about it is a bad thing!

Also, if "soon" is sooner than later, you better have someone let us know! ;0)