Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Rollers

Being the weather nerd that I am, I thought it would be fun to show you the rare weather phenomenon northeast Ohioans woke up to yesterday! [In addition to waking up to ANOTHER DAY OFF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]  They are soooo amazing but are sporadic in nature.  One field will have them, the next one over will not.

I had seen photos of these on weather channel before but never in real life.  They are basically snow balls made by high winds. Takes the perfect combination of wind, temps, and snow type.  I finally found one that was hollow in the middle by my school.

the creek was steaming. it was -22 this morning!  
my favorite!

stroller tracks.  we made the super smart decision to walk to a friend's house through giant snow drifts.  brrrrr.

yep; that's the school i teach at.   HAHA! KIDDING!  my great great grandpa attended this one room school house though!

snow rollers as far as the eye can see!


Kate said...

I'm amazed by these! I saw them for the first time on the weather channel the other day, and we don't have them here (not the right type of snow apparently!). Very cool!

Kari said...

Those are soooo awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!

Tara said...

Cool! I've only seen those a few times up here (definitely not this winter though) and they were really small. Neat capture. Hope your weather warms up soon.

Erika Jean said...

So awesome. We had those in SE ohio when I was in high school.