Sunday, November 25, 2012


We had some family photos taken and she gave me 10 or so "edited" images and hundreds of original images.    We look so ridiculously happy in all of them, I wish I could just sit and look through them all day everyday. I honestly don't feel ridiculously happy hardly ever.  Imagine that!  LOL!   I definitely let my job, my family, and my child stress me out WAYYYY more than I should.  I realize that I should count my blessings and not take anything for granted.  It is just tough sometimes and my subconscious needs some constant reminders:  We are healthy.  We have jobs.  We have family.

 Actually, life is ridiculously great.  

And in other news, we are MOVING!  We weren't really "looking" per say, but the "light house house" went up for sale so we jumped [a house I run by and admire daily with a lighthouse in the back yard].  We are so blessed and sooooooooo excited!

1000 more sq feet and MUCH further off the road [safer] than our current house

this baby lights up at night AND the back yard has a gazebo! and outdoor fireplace!  and wood patio!  YAY!


Anna & Kirby said...

Love your family pictures!!! And congrats on the move... Yay!

Kate said...

Such wonderful pictures! Hope the school year and daycare are still going well - happy holidays and congrats on the new house!!

Abby said...

Great pictures! Congrats on the new house too - that's so exciting!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, that cuteness IS ridiculous! Congrats on the new house- the backyard looks amazing!!!

Cheyenne said...

Your kid is amazing!

That house is amazing!


And I read your previous post...take. your. time.