Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I've been reading...

I rely a lot on other people's recommendations of books so thought I'd share four that I've read in the past month and my thoughts on whether they are worth your time.

I got every single one of these books at my local library! Free is key.


- Never read  her blog and now I've confirmed I never want to.  I couldn't even finish the book, I hated it that much.  Yes the thought of having a "suprise" as big as she did at a child's birth is heartbreaking [Downs], but this book was just not what I expected it to be.  

-Never read her blog, but would be one I would want to check out!  AMAZING STORY AND SUPER INSPIRATIONAL.  Definitely worth your time.

- The Spielmans are local celebs around here.  We all know Stephanie dies at the end but now we follow their story from the beginning; a story about love, football, and faith, but most importantly about having unending support for your spouse and how it is possible to have a good attitude even when life constantly handing you lemons. Or worse, a death sentence.   DEFINITELY A GOOD READ!

-The only fictional book I've read lately.  Recommended to me by my "sister" [who really isn't my sister but is living at my parents house LOL].  She told me a bit too much so I suspected the ending, but it is a good ending.   About a girl who loses her memory everytime she goes to sleep.  THUMBS UP!


Erika Jean said...

Sounds like a couple of good ones in there! are you on Goodreads?

Cheyenne said...

Go read Unbroken by Laura Hildenbrand (I think this was the author's name.) 'Twas great!