Friday, November 11, 2011

M.F.M.F. - Poison Ivy

This new MFMF moment is brought to you by Phase Three of Life. Every Friday she does a "My Favorite Moments Friday" and all I can think when I see MFMF is "MOMMY FAIL! MOMMY FAIL!" I always expect a funny mommy fail story but realize I've got the acronym embedded in my head wrong. ;)

Well here ya go with my week's mommy fail: Blaine, my little adventurous outdoorsman just came down with poison ivy for the 2nd time in his short life. ON HIS FOOT. You know, WHERE HIS SKIN IS ALWAYS COVERED BY SOCKS AND SHOES! Bizarre. Definite mommy fail.

I don't even think I have had poison ivy two times in my life. That kid is going to have a long, itchy life; I haven't even taken his on a REAL geocaching adventure yet! Stinging nettles, thorns, poison ivy, OH MY!!


Heather said...

oh poor baby and poor mommy! do you know where he is getting it from? is it the same place he's picking it up from both times?======

basebell6 said...

no worries! it doesnt seem to bother him at all! we use this super expensive poison ivy scrub / wash stuff that someone gave us free. pretty cool. it is almost gone actually. i have no idea where he gets it! the kid is everywhere!!

Lanny said...

I think, just thinkin' here, that I'd rather have a child that is everywhere and doin' all sorts o' stuff so that I have to hose the poor thing down with whatever worked, rather than having what we used to call other children of a different nature...slug babies! Go Blaine go, run mommy run!

Kate said...

How the heck did he get it on his foot????

It's sooo much nicer to have outside kids than those content to stay indoors. If the occasional poison ivy run-in is the cost for that, so be it - it's worth it!

Kara said...

He's such an outdoorsy baby, I love it!