Friday, November 18, 2011

16 Months

16 months old today. My little [no pun intended] outdoorsman, lover of animals, obsessor of "gak gaks" [tractors], tool-man, daddy's boy, Blaine is amazing! It is crazy how much he understands and how much he remembers. OH, and how ornery he is and how he tests boundaries. ;)

Blaine can do so many great things now that he's 16 months old, but for some reason I'm hung up on a few cannots:

HE CANNOT SLEEP FROM BEDTIME TO MORNING! Never once, has not happened. Mommy and Daddy are sleep deprived. He will still cry up to 2 hours at night when he wakens.

HE CANNOT SAY "MOMMY". Or pretty much anything other than daddy, gak gak, and moo.

HE IS NOT POTTY TRAINED. Both his parents were by this age and I hear about it often.

Am I simply expecting too much? Is Blaine doomed because his mother is too negative? Is his mother negative because she hasn't slept all night long since October 2009?




Megan said...

It's so hard to figure out what is and isn't "normal" at certain ages and what our expectations should be. I think the only thing that is a little "odd" is that he doesn't sleep all night. Most kids do. My first did. My second STILL doesn't. I feel your pain!!

Also, it's said that kids can only work on physical motor skills OR verbal skills and not both at the same time. Yours seems to be very capable physically, so maybe that has been what all his effort has been towards. Don't worry, the words will come!

Diana @ frontyardfoodie said...

Oh dear, still not sleeping at night? Do you have a strong bedtime routine? I think I've probably asked you that before haha. But until I found a good one for Avery he wasn't a great sleeper.

Also, he could be teething non stop right?

Erika Jean said...

16th months for potty training - that is early! Don't fret on that one, boys are SO much slower on grasping that one.

Nancy said...

Happy 16 months to the little man! I had no idea potty training was starting around 16 months. I need to look into that.

Im sorry he hasn't slept through the night. I hope he will soon!

Nikki said...

The "cannots" drive me nuts too. It's so difficult to explain to everyone else that your child is unique and that he will accomplish these things at his own pace. It's especially difficult when other people's negativity gets into your head and you begin to feel bad about all of it too.

None of those "cannots" make you a bad mother. Blaine WILL sleep through the night, get potty trained, learn to say mommy! The waiting part really sucks though.

Kara said...

I can't believe he's 16 months already! My kid calls cookies "COCK!" so...yeah. Kids. :)

Lanny said...

So other than the cannots, or the isn'ts everything is good right?

Sleeping through the night, a good nights sleep? I don't have babies any more and I still don't know what that must feel like. 'Course in the last couple of years, about two actually, it hasn't been the girls crawling in bed with me. So yeah, it does get better, eventually.

Kate said...

Neither of ours say "mommy" either - drives me crazy!!! They'll rattle off baby (when referring to eachother), puppy, oink, daddy, etc. but no mommy...

Not sure what to tell you about the sleep thing. I'm pretty sure he'll be fine!

Janelle said...

Does he drink milk before he goes to bed? Our Dr. actually recommended we put a tiny bit of ground up melatonin in the boys milk at bedtime, to help them calm down and stay asleep. It seems to be working!

Wes is just now starting to talk - as of last week (and he is pushing 19 months). We get "mommy' and 'daddy' and not much else...but it is a start. His brother was conversational by this age...and I raised them both, so I have to keep telling myself that they are ALL DIFFERENT!

As for potty training-i am amazed by your efforts on this front. Seriously. I can't fathom how much effort you have put into EC and am so impressed with all you've done. The %% of babies that are trained at 16 months has to be minuscule, clearly you and your husband were (are!) both exceptional. Blaine is putting his efforts into other pushing boundaries and thinking about tractors :)

Kat said...

[hug] At eight months, Sonora has never slept more than four hours in a row, and I have a friend with a three-year-old who still doesn't sleep through the night. Hopefully Blaine won't hold out that long and I know it is SO HARD, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong. Can you at least nap with him and get a little more sleep yourself?