Saturday, June 18, 2011

11 Months

Oh my. Only one more month until the big 1.0!!! YIKES! I love this kid so much it hurts when he's away from me; you know, like when he is in his bed sleeping and I'm here in the living room! LOL! I could squeeze him all day everyday and it wouldn't be enough.

~ Weighs about 18 lbs 8 oz. MY LIL SHRIMP!
~ Always always ALWAYS on the go!
~ Had a "vocab" explosion a few weeks back but still no real words
~ Had a walking explosion this week and will walk up to 15 ft at a time, but still mainly crawls when he means business
~ Climbs every thing he can figure out how to climb
~ Still hates the carseat
~ Loves riding bikes
~ Loves anything with wheels or a steering wheel
~ Loves all fruit especially freshly picked (by him LOL)
~ Loves peas from the garden (cooked first)
~ Despite mommy applying sunscreen all the time, has a "farmers tan" everyone seems to be commenting on (pics to come later this week)
~ Has one tooth (June 6th)

~ Still nursing lots. I think I have finally decided to introduce cows milk at 1 yr and then have a goal of him "being weaned" by Christmas.

We celebrated today by going hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, eating Mexican (the kid loves his tacos) and going swimming in a big pool for the first time ever. HE LOVED IT ALL!


Kari said...

Yay Happy Almost 1 Blaine!! And boy do I ever know what you mean about missing him when he's asleep. Or when you go to the store without him. Or when you take out the trash. :) I'm smitten too.

Elizabeth said...

So sweet- he is such a little cuddler- love it! Yay for almost one...and walking!

Abby said...

Whoa, baby, does time fly! Happy 11 Months, Blaine! Can't wait to see that baby farmer's tan of yours! :D

Stacy said...

I agree, I want to see the baby farmer's tan! :-) He is SO cute! I can't get over how fast they grow...slow down, kiddos. And thanks for posting the follow up to the blanket nap last week...that made me feel better about my own nap-hating child ;-)

Morgan said...

WOW, time is flying! Happy 11 months Blaine!

Morgan said...

that was me. I don't know why it didn't link properly!

Heather said...

I can relate to the wheels and steering wheels. We just bought Ian a second, bigger steering wheel for his new swing set, cause yanno one just wasn't enough! he also has one in my basement.

Janelle said...

The photo of him on that baseball pillow is priceless. Oh my.