Monday, November 9, 2009

Papa Hawai'iloa

So I guess I was in "Time for Kids"! Super cool that a 2nd grade class read it in Hawaii, googled me, and is now writing me asking about pumpkins! They even have a blog / class page.

In other news, this showed up in my mailbox today. From an unknown person in an unknown country! It is one thing to see lots of online articles in different languages, but to actually hold a newspaper from another country that you totally can't understand is totally surreal!


Jenea said...

Woowwww!!! I am in shok, becouse I never have seen so big and cool pumpkin!!! You make from it in Halloween night - jack'o lantern????

I am from Moldova it is near by Ucraina , I know what is writen here, in this news paper!!!!

You know how I can to be in Blog of Note???

Theresa E. said...

So. Freakin. Cool. That's just awesome :)

Laura-Jane said...

Lol, that is coool!!!! Very nice of them to mail that to you..