Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hoot Hike

My favorite animal BY FAR is the owl. If I could just have my own eastern screech owl, I would be happy for ever! SO CUTE!

So imagine my happiness when I saw Stark Parks putting on a Hoot Hike starting 1 mile from my house! YIPEE!

What was the trouble? The online signup said it started at 7 (and so did the confirmation email) but the newsletter I had gotten in the mail said 6. I know I know, it's only a mile away so why didn't I go at 6 AND at 7 to be sure? BECAUSE I'M AN IDIOT. Yep it was at 6 so at least 10 of us who showed up at 7 missed the Hoot Hike. But they people who made it at the right time didn't hear any owls so GOOD FOR THEM!!
At least the lady let me see the 3 she had in her van :). These are owls they keep because they are too injured to be released back into the wild (most got hit by cars). They are used for educational purposes.


Erika Jean said...

cute! I used to work at a county park and I used to hold the Eastern screech owl on my hand and give talks! It was by far my fav. of all the animals we had.

Bummer that you missed the hike :-(

Jenea said...

Hi! I like this interesting birds too! I like, especially her big eyes! oo And you know what The Owl is like e-mail!! his role in Harry Potter is very important!

Laura-Jane said...

Owls are such beautiful birds.

Adam Blalock said...

How neat. We have Burrowing owls in southern New Mexico. I don't use this word very often but being less than 6 inches they are very "cute".