Friday, August 7, 2009

Family Tradition IV: Trip to Kidron

This tradition isn't really the whole family but more of a "grandpa and me" tradition. Sometimes a cousin joins us and on this day my sister went for the first time! In fact now that I'm thinking about it, my fav memory was when I was in about 3rd grade and my 2nd cousin went along. The feed mill had free bulk peanuts and we ate them the whole way home. Weird how you remember certain things like that.

The tradition is heading out to Kidron, Ohio to buy pigs at their weekly auction. It is held every Thursday and is quite the experience! There are Amish people everywhere so I didn't actually take pictures in the auction barn but it is neat to see. We go once per year in the summer to get 3 or 4 pigs to raise for butchering the next winter. If we are lucky, Pa-Pa stops at the Dalton Dairyette (my ultimate fav summer place) on the way home for ice-cream!!

Gotta get in line to pick up the pigs.

Stopping at the bulk store to get ThermFlo for pies! YUM!

Lineup of buggies.

I figured since you can't see her face it was OK to take her pic. Too cute not to. She had 2 super cute kids in the wagon behind her bike.


Erika Jean said...

i love the Amish! something about them is so fascinating...

I used to go to Ashland University and They would ride through the middle of campus!

Down On The Farm said...

Very cool.

Laura-Jane said...

Lol, you guys have Dari-ettes! That's funny, like our dairy-bars. Also, I don't understand why you didn't take photos because the Amish were they. Do they not like having their photos taken?

basebell6 said...

I'm not sure why they don't like it. I found this online:

•No photos or videos, please. Most Amish consider posing for photographs to be an unacceptable act of pride and do not allow pictures of themselves. The Amish will usually allow you to photograph their homes, farms, and buggies if you ask respectfully, but even this can be intrusive and is better avoided. If you must take pictures, consider a telephoto lens, and avoid taking any photos which include recognizable faces. A picture of the rear of an Amish buggy as it travels down the road probably won't offend anyone.

basebell6 said...

PS when i was at cross country camp i saw TONS of amish out fishing on leesville lake. i wasnt sure at first so i asked them if they were amish and they said "yes". something odd about an amish guy wearing bright swim trunks, shirtless, in a motorboat :)

Lanny said...

I loved this post about your tradition with your grandpa and how you have shared it with others over the years.

And now I know something new, Therm-flo.

The pigs in the pic, are they the ones you took home?

basebell6 said...

yep those were the 3 we bought! i think he payed more than he wouldve liked but there was an amish kid bidding against him upping the price. later while in line to pay, i saw the kid texting on his cell phone. LOL hilarious.