Sunday, August 16, 2009


Last week I spent a week with over 100 teenagers at cross country camp, Camp Shaggy XVI. Yep for 16 years this has been going on and I think it is the reason our team is as big as it is. I've gone to six Camp Shaggy's and it is just not the same now that Shaggy has died and we moved camp locations (no longer camp in tents!!!).

One awesome part of the new camp location: I CAN GO CANOEING EVERY DAY!! And I do go everyday. :)

This year the adventures included jumping off a large tree, going to the spring (as always), getting rescued by pirates in a thunderstorm, interacting with Amish fisherman and visiting the Green band at a neighboring camp. FUN FOR SURE!

I'm only posting pics of the "storm" since I don't really have authorization to use the pics of runners on this blog.

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