Monday, June 15, 2009

I will eat healthy when.....

First I have to show off my new super zoom camera. Bees in flight. WOW!! Never could've gotten that shot with the old camera.

Now one more reason my hubby is insane. This was how he was rigging up one of our 2 long gourd trellis's.

Ok and now....I will eat healthy when......all these vegetables get ripe!!!!!!!!!! I guess it was said (behind my back) that I eat really unhealthily for a track coach. I'm not sure why that person would have gotten such an impression; I had 4 desserts at that particular cook-out! LOLOLOLOL. Oh man desserts are definitely my weakness. This post is mainly to show off our garden this year and remind myself that once everything gets ripe, I'll be eating 4 veggies per meal along instead of 4 desserts. (or at least try). In all seriousness, I think with the combo of sun and rain this summer the garden looks better than ever.

Giant pumpkins (8 plants):

Other long gourd trellis:

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Laura-Jane said...

Now THAT is a garden!!!!!!!! You make me jealous, but in a good way. An inspired way. Your husband is gourd-crazy.

Congrats on your new camera!