Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Traditions (part 2): WEDDINGS

So I think the only post I have on family traditions so far is about butchering. LOL. Let's switch to a more normal subject: Weddings!! Today is our 3 year anniversary and we are celebrating by Nick being 4 states away on business and me sitting at home baby-sitting pumpkins / chickens. But enough about that!

This is the church where my grandma has been the organist since she was 16 years old. She is now 76 so you do the math! WOWOWOWOW. She has only missed a handful of Sundays in 60 years. I think it's pretty awesome that we got married in 2006 where my mom / dad got married in 1980 AND where my grandma / grandpa did too (1952ish.....even though back then it was the "old" building across the street). She played the organ and directed the bell choir for my wedding. Oddly enough, she did not for my parents (too much stressing being the mother-of-the-bride I supposed haha). We'll see if my sis gets married at "home" here at GUMC. And if my future kids do too, that'll be 4 generations.

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Laura-Jane said...

OMG. You two are so cute. I mean it. I love it. Thanks for sharing this picture... Happy belated 3rd year anniversary.