Monday, November 3, 2008

School Levy

Today one of my students said, "I hope the levy goes down in smoke". I got so mad at that comment I almost couldn't contain myself.

A friend of my sister had on his AIM away message: "Proud to be helping defeat the school levy".

Some "people" today seriously don't understand that our schools are the building blocks of society. So maybe they disagree with government's idea of school funding, or maybe they think they could do a better job running the schools than the superintendent. So What??!! By voting down levies, it is the children who will be the ones suffering. It is society that will end up being worse off in the long haul.

Then I get home and find out my mom's two "vote yes on the levy" signs got stolen last night.


And yes, even if I weren't a teacher, I would ALWAYS vote YES on every school levy.


Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

I don't know anything about school levies! But I support what you support, because teachers know best! Well, not always, but I trust you on this one. :)

What is new? We want updates!

Joy said...

I am totally with you... my daughter is a teacher and she struggles with how people think also. hang in there.

I wanted to thank you for leaving the lovely note on my blog.. I truly appreciate it.. I am struggling so with the loss of my mom.