Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mess of the Century

Nick just randomly got it in his mind one day that THAT would be the day we would insulate our kitchen. Oh yeah and it happened to be Sunday. I got home from church and before I knew it, he had 36 holes drilled into our walls, and the entire contents of our kitchen (or what seemed like it at least) in my hallway and living room. It has now been one week since that fateful day and only now is everything getting put back into place.

Can you tell we had the greenhouse fan sucking air through the kitchen and out?

I am just as happy as I look about this job. LOL. At least it was daylight. Last time we did this it was March and COLD and dark.

Holes Holes Everywhere!

This should NOT have happened! Guess we found the hole that we didn't know about (so that was how the mice were getting in! LOL).

And some other random pics: Before and After the rain storm!!

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