Wednesday, September 17, 2014


My last post was in June and since then SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!  Highlights include:

- We spent 11 days on the west coast
- We enjoyed summer
- Went to the Christening of the new Goodyear blimp
- Blaine got a professional haircut [!!]
- Blaine started preschool
- Nick quit his job
-Nick is training for his first marathon
- Blaine went to his first major league baseball game
- Blaine went to his first minor league baseball game
- Blaine jumped off the dock alone [still wearing floatie], but it surprised me because I was no where near him when he did it
- Mommy and Blaine mini vacation to a friend's lake house in Michigan

Back to school means back to the crazy life! I miss summer already!

Crabbin at aunt Lindsay's via paddleboard


Claire {Beaktweets} said...

aw, man, were you near me on the west coast?? hope you had fun :) and look at your not-so-little little guy!!

Down On The Farm said...

Your son is so handsome, and so GROWN UP!!!!! Sounds like life is good!!