Saturday, March 29, 2014

TMI - Breast Pain

While we are on a roll let's continue TMI Saturday.

It is no big secret Blaine breastfed 3 years and 3 months.  NO PROBLEMS OR PAIN IN THREE YEARS, THREE MONTHS.

Yes, I am lucky / blessed / a superhero.

Enter December.  My left breast starts hurting super randomly.  Not with my period.  On and off, just like a soreness.  About 4 days a week on average.  I'm looking in the mirror a lot looking for changes, doing self exams a lot, have the little gel exam pack thing and have Nick try to do an exam.  I am convinced I felt something, Nick was not.   I went for a physical and asked for them to also do a breast exam in January and they didn't really feel anything.  They said to get a mammogram when I'm 35.  Um thanks.  I'm 31.    I google lots and find that pain hardly ever means cancer.


Pain continues.  I go to a different doctor in March.  I tell him I'm having pain and tell him it is in my left breast.  I don't show him where.  He feels it and says, "Is this where?"  YES!  He found it without me even showing him.

A "thickening".

That is the word that makes my heart stop.  My mom's cancer was first felt by her doctor as a thickening. It didn't even show up on a mammogram or ultrasound.    They found it with a biopsy.  It eluded the previous screenings because the tumor was "creepy crawly" and had "fingers".

Doctor says what I have he thinkings is "something perfectly normal".  I hope he's right.

More googling.  Yes pain can be normal, but is usually cyclic.  This is not.  Gah.

So I had my first ever 3D mammogram at 31.  Then on to the ultrasound.  Both looked fine.  Appointment with surgeon for them to look everything over is scheduled THREE WEEKS LATER. Good thing I'm not letting this keep me up at night!

I just want to know I have a 100% clear bill of health before getting pregnant again because if anything is brewing in there, I'm no doctor, but I know being pregnant would be bad news.  

Is being a complete worry wart about health stuff a common thing for all women?


Heather said...

Waiting for stuff like that is the worst! I also had a moment of panic as I'm 36 and that mammogram at 35 threw me off. Luckily google seems to think 49 is the right age. Which makes the docs suggestion of you getting one at 35 even worse!

Tessa V said...

Oh man that is so hard, waiting! My mom had a breast cancer scare last year and damn a week or two between appointments, a week or two between results. Its the worst. I would be proactive like you are and I am glad that you went to another doctor it sounds like with your genetic history that was a smart decision. Good luck!!

basebell6 said...

The only reason they say 35 for me is my family history so you are fine, Heather! I actually read the radiation from mammograms can cause cancer so it is a lose lose in my mind. Gah!

Kate said...

I don't think you're being a worry-wart - especially with your family history. Plus, I think you need to trust your gut - if you think something's wrong stick to your guns until you're convinced it's ok.

Cheyenne said...

Oh my friend, yes, I think worrying is normal - and when you have had history, in the family, or your very own - it is so easy for that worry to seep into all our quiet moments. I am glad your doctors are looking at things a little more in depth. Friend, I just want you to know, that this path in life, you are not alone. Whether it's your dear hubs, your best buddy, or some of us funny folks who read your blog - we are all invested and walking alongside you. That doesn't always make those worrisome moments easier, but just know in your heart of hearts, that there is somehow a small comfort in community. And yo, sister, I'm some of your community! Love ya.

PS--whenever I see a big ol' snowy owl now, I think of you.

Down On The Farm said...

Of COURSE it is normal to be concerned. You are absolutely doing the right thing. Find out what it is, and if it is something, then do something about it. Keep on the doctors until you feel like you have all the answers. I am praying for you!!

Anonymous said...

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Flat Creek Farm said...

Hope all is well! Going through the waiting game w/ a loved one on this topic right now. Waiting is the worst! update us when you can.. so many are going thru these worries right now. Prayers for good reports! -Tammy

Amanda said...

Hope all is good now! Health issues, especially where there is family history, is always terrifying. The way you write about it makes me smile though. I love your sense of humour.