Saturday, November 23, 2013

Halleluiah! WEANED!

Three years and three months later, I can finally declare my freedom. Blaine always wanted to come home from school and lay in bed with me and nurse. One day he decided screaming and crying was a better option. Oh man those were fun times. Somedays he didn't even let me get him out of his car seat. I would just leave him in the car to scream and scream and scream. If I unbuckled him, he would rebuckle himself. Good things the neighbors never seemed to notice. Most days he screamed and cried from 3:00-4:00 for no apparent reason. Something would tick him off and he would not be able to recover for an hour. He never got around to asking to nurse those days. Eventually a week went by between nursing, and then two weeks. Finally I figured out I was totally dried up and it was uncomfortable if he wanted it. I decided if he would ask, I would say "no". Since making that decision, he's probably asked less than 4 times and each time I just say, "no, boobies have no more milk!"

The screaming and crying peaked at TWO HOURS one day [3-4 pm and then 7-8 pm] and has since gotten better. No screaming this whole week. Maybe it was some strange developmental phase. Maybe it was an ear infection. I hate to look back and blame the screaming for the weaning but that is certainly what did it. However, I was ready for it to be over. Our nursing relationship was already 2 years and 2 months past where I thought it would have ended. No tears about missing it and no tears of regret!


Kari said...

Congrats!! You did an awesome job Mama!!

I'm at a year with CJ and I'm so ready to have my body back. I feel so guilty even thinking that.

Kate said...

Congrats - what a huge step!

Cheyenne said...


You are a WONDER! Wonder mom! Right there - that is what you are. I'm happy for you to be on the next step & to be okay with where things are at. This whole motherhood gig is kinda wild, isn't it...?!

But you just remember, in your heart of hearts, you are a darn good mom --- !!!

That photo at the top of your page is absolutely breathtaking.